Fabian & Nina from Nickelodeon's House of Anubis.

Fabina (Fab/ian and N/ina) is the romantic/friendship pairing of Nina Martin and Fabian Rutter from House of Anubis. Fabian was very interested in Nina ever since she arrived at Anubis House. There had been some hints on the first episode that Fabian liked Nina when Mick asked Fabian of what does he think about the new girl and Fabian reply saying 'She looks nice.' and it was really obvious that they both had crushes on each other throughout Season 1 and they then kissed in the Season Finale. In Season 2 they had a relationship for 5 or so episodes but they unfortunately broke up, although it was plain that they still liked each other. In the  Season 2 Finale, they kissed and then got together.

Fabina ended because Nathalia (Nina's portrayer) left in Season 3 because of her studies. They officially broke up in House of Truth / House of Hieroglyphs.

It was shown that Fabian liked Nina since the first day he met her. He was also the kindest person in the house to Nina when she arrived, and often stuck up for her when the others made fun of her. He also was the one that Nina trusted the most when she first got into Anubis house. Nina was the first person to trust Fabian with the locket. They are best friends, since they hang out a lot while solving riddles and clues. They are two of the three Sibuna founders. Fabian also shows that he is a very good friend to Nina by standing up for her when she first moved into the Anubis House. In House of Reservations / House of Heavy, Nina states "I can't believe I thought he actually liked me," confirming that Nina likes Fabian. They kissed in the season 1 finale at the prom, after winning prom king/queen, and in season two they became a couple. In House of Combinations / House of Heartbreak, they break up because of a misunderstanding and they think they are better off as best friends. They do say it was mutual though. After their breakup, they both seem to regret it and still have feelings for each other. In House of Crushes / House of Vertigo, they both dreamed that they kissed again, and acted nervous and blushed a little when it was brought up by Amber.

'Fabina' is often titled as the main pairing of House of Anubis.

Fabian & Nina's relationship touched millions of fans, leaving their couple with other 10 thousand fanfictions on Wattpad & made by the House of Anubis fanatics.

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