Jeannine De Bolle
General Information
Gender: Female
Nicknames: Mrs. Praline (by Samson)
Nationality: Belgian
Other Information
Hair Color: Grey
Occupation: Grocer
Interests: Dolls
Family & Friends
Family: Kamiel
Friends: Samson
Relationships: Unnamed hospent
Series Information
First appearance: Octaaf's mother
Last appearance: The mayor becomes a farmer

Jeannine De Bolle is a fictional character in the Samson and Gert universe. She was portrayed by the late Ann Petersen.


  • Dag, m'n schatje (Hello, my darling)
  • Dat heeft ie van z'n vader! (He's the son of his father!)
  • Dat heeft ie van mij! (He's the son of his mother!)


  • She is the only main character to be a mother and a grandmother.
  • After the actress who portrayed her left the show, she becomes a unseen character.
  • Despite the fact that the actress who portrayed her died, she is still alive in the series.
  • She is called 'Praline' instead of 'Jeannine' by Samson.
  • She refers to Samson as 'My Darling/Baby'.
  • She has a brother named Alfons.
  • She is a friend of Alberto's mother.
    • She does however talk about her friend behind her back.
  • In the comics her background story is different than in the series.
    • In the comics she comes back from Canada, being totally broke and she's returning to Belgium to live with her son and to open a grocery with him.
  • She has the diplom of a nurse.
  • Her father is named Kamiel De Bolle.
  • She can ride a motorcycle.
  • Until 2007 a candystore in the Studio 100 theme park was dedicated to her.


  • She says that she is allergic to hamster, but she offered taking care of a hamster once.

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