Mark Uytterhoeven
Episode Information
Season: 1
Episode: 19
Airdate: October 31, 1990
Previous: Antique
Next: Helmut Lotti

Mark Uytterhoeven is the 19th episode of Samson and Gert.


Joop calls Gert, to ask him if he could take care of his turtle Marlène. Joop can't do it himself, because he's in Amsterdam. Once Gert is gone, a special guest enters the house. It's Mark Uytterhoeven himself. He asks Samson if he can use the phone to call the VRT, to tell them that his car broke down.

When Gert returns, Samson tells him about Mark, and that he will come back in ten minutes. So, Gert comes up with a plan, to pretend like he knows a lot about bicycle racing, just to impress Mark.



  • This episode marks the first appearance of a celebrity on the show.
  • This is Mark Uytterhoeven's first appearance.
  • This is the first time that the episode title is the name of a person.
  • In later re-runs the episode title was changed to 'De specialist van de wielersport' (lit:'The expert on bicycle racing') 

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