The flying medicine, originally 'De vliegsiroop', is the title of the 30th comic book in the Samson series. It was first published in 2003.


  • Samson
  • Gert
  • Modest
  • Octaaf
  • Alberto
  • The Representative of the Prime Minister
  • Frieda
  • Jeannine
  • Eugène

Short storiesEdit

  • The flying medicine

Octaaf has made a potion: the flying medicine.

  • Secretary Suzy

Suzy gets offered Eugène's job, because the mayor is madly in love with her.

  • The golden pen

The mayor has a special present for Eugène.


  • This is the first comic book in the series to feature a brand new cover.
  • Both 'Secretary Suzy' and the 'The golden pen' have been made into an episode.

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