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    Ok, so a lot of people want to be an admin on wikias they love... So, I decide to make a little blog about it... This blog will be readable on different wikias..

    This might seem obvious, but a lot of Wikia contributors, just want to be an admin with their IP-adress. However, this is not possible, just make an account. Who knows you might be a great adding to the community?

    Again, pretty obvious, but you need to visit the wiki and add at least one thing before it is even possible to become an admin.

    Just read this title, once you start helping other people and you have become a great part of the community.. There's a good chance that other once will nominate you as an admin.

    Some people just can't wait to become an admin. So, here's my advice: …

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  • BelgiumHelper


    August 12, 2013 by BelgiumHelper

    I will give this wiki up for deletion. 

    Reason: This wiki is about a subject that is too big, more than 25 productions are made by Studio 100, not including their shows, cd's, comics and musicals.

    Don't worry: The Samson and Gert Wiki will be available, once that one is finished another one about a different production can be created.

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  • BelgiumHelper

    I made a new wiki, because this one is getting too complicated...

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  • BelgiumHelper


    August 4, 2013 by BelgiumHelper

    Hi, everyone!

    We are still looking for a new admin. Since I'm leaving on August 15th. We need somebody to help DanBing.

    Would you like to be an admin?

    Comment below!

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  • BelgiumHelper


    August 1, 2013 by BelgiumHelper

    READ THE ENTIRE BLOG!!!!!!!!!!

    First of all, my departure has nothing to do with any fight/discussion or whatever, because I haven't been involved in one.

    Okay, how do I start this thing? Well, euhm... I have been ill for an amount of time, so I couldn't leave my room. So, to keep myself a little busy, I decide to take part in a community. Turns out I end up here, on different wikias. So, thank you all for the nice time, I could spend with you guys. But now, I'm getting better and soon I'll be able to leave the house and to do fun things outside. Also, I think I should start growing up a little more. I kinda think I ended up on this community, because I wasn't ready to let my childhood go. Being ill, made me scared. So, I guess I was looking…

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