First of all, my departure has nothing to do with any fight/discussion or whatever, because I haven't been involved in one.

Okay, how do I start this thing? Well, euhm... I have been ill for an amount of time, so I couldn't leave my room. So, to keep myself a little busy, I decide to take part in a community. Turns out I end up here, on different wikias. So, thank you all for the nice time, I could spend with you guys. But now, I'm getting better and soon I'll be able to leave the house and to do fun things outside. Also, I think I should start growing up a little more. I kinda think I ended up on this community, because I wasn't ready to let my childhood go. Being ill, made me scared. So, I guess I was looking for a secure place to feel save and where can you be saver than in your childhood memories?

Anyway, my departure can't be undone, so I'll leave. I'll be around until AUGUST 15th.  So, for the next two weeks, you'll see me around!

Anyway, I would like to thank the following persons.

DanBing for helping me on the wiki I created.

Patricia Soeters for helping me on the wiki I created.

EpicFork for offeringf to help me with templates and infoboxes.

MinnieHowl and Cc: I don't know why, but I like you.

Cooldog for the fast answers on my questions.

ArianaCat4Ever, AusllyCabbieBade and Teenj for your thoughtful comments, I really enjoyed reading your opinions, because you guys make some good points.

Note; this blog post can be seen on 4 wikis.

So, bye...

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